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West Virginia
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West Virginia Online Poker Explored Amid Falling Casino Revenue

West Virginia online poker may soon be a reality as the state considers online gaming. And the primary motivation behind doing so is that West Virginia’s casino revenue has been falling due to intense out-of-state competition. Additionally, lottery revenue is dropping because many people pay for gas outside, rather than inside gas stations, where they might buy lottery tickets.

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Barry Greenstein PokerStars PokerUS

Barry Greenstein Talks Bad Actor Clause and PokerStars

Ever since Nevada became the first US state to launch online gaming, the “bad actor” clause has been a major source of controversy. Many see this as a rule designed to prevent competition and keep PokerStars out of the US gaming market, at least for the time being. Others, such as 888 CEO Brian Mattingley, […]

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PokerStars Should Keep out of US for 1-2 Years says 888 Poker CEO

It’s no secret that a lot of online gaming interests would like to keep PokerStars out of the United States. And so far, they’ve been largely successful at doing so because PokerStars has been unable to obtain licensing in Nevada or New Jersey. If 888 CEO Brian Mattingley has his way, it will remain like this […]

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Liv Boeree PokerStars

PokerStars gives fair warning to American Players using their software

Rumors have been circulating that PokerStars could enter the regulated New Jersey online poker market as early as October 1st. Amaya Gaming’s purchase of the world’s largest poker site has hastened their potential return to the US market and could help Stars shed the “Bad Actor” tag. But if there’s one thing that threatens to ruin all of the good that’s been done lately for Stars, it’s Americans continuing to play on their site.

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Santa Ysabel still plans to launch California Online Poker Site

Just recently, politicians decided to shelve two bills that would’ve legalized and regulated California online poker. However, that doesn’t mean the prospects of California online poker are finished in 2014. The Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel still wants to launch a poker site by the end of August. The Native American tribe, which is located […]

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