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PartyPoker New Jersey Resolves to make Significant Software Upgrades

The PartyPoker New Jersey / Borgata network isn’t waiting for the Times Square Ball to drop to make their New Year’s resolutions. Regarding their mobile client, they tweeted, “New Year’s resolution #1 – go mobile! Big upgrades coming in Jan.”

The network first rolled out their iOS and Android apps in November of 2013, with a less-than-enthusiastic response. The key issue was the lack of MTTs and SNGs, with the latter being added last summer. So it’s likely that Party is planning on adding MTTs as well in the New Year.

But mobile upgrades aren’t the only thing that Party is promising as we head into next year. A PartyPoker NJ rep has been very active on TwoPlusTwo, and here’s a look at another change that they’ve discussed.

Party Poker / Borgata New Feature: Waiting List

Having wait lists at cash-game tables is a pretty standard feature in the online poker world. However, the Party/Borgata network is committed to protecting recreational players from bumhunters – with the latter group heavily relying on wait lists to get into fishy games. So up until now, they’ve refrained from adding waitlists to their desktop software client.

But players have been complaining about the absence of wait lists for months, and it seems like Party might finally be considering the idea. “Having spoken with our Product team today – we have a wait list solution planned to go live early 2015,” wrote a Party rep. As the word “solution” implies, this might be a hybrid wait list that still seeks to cut down on bumhunting.

Other potential changes

Some other requested changes from 2p2 members that the Party rep acknowledged and promised to pass along include the following:

– Add PLO8 and PLO to your mobile app.

– Create a 70%-30% payout structure (for SNGs). Revise your blinds to start 10/20 15/30 25/50 50/100 75/150 and so on like most others are structured and creates a better flow to your games.

– Turn hole cards face up when players go all-in in cash games.

– Can we please get some freaking sit and goes back on party/Borgata? You got rid of all 6max sngs over $50, yet still have HU sng up to $500 that no one ever plays.

It’s unclear if the PartyPoker/Borgata network will act on all of these requests. But like the request about wait lists from months ago, the Party rep promised to pass these suggestions on to the top brass. That said, it looks like this network is committed to making their product much better in 2015 and increasing their traffic, which, according to PokerScout, carries an average of 150 players.

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