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United States

What US Online Poker needs to improve in 2015

2014 was definitely a big year for US online poker, as the national market got a full year to show what it could produce. Actually, the word “national” is used rather lightly here because the only states in the market remain Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada. So from the perspective of adding more states to […]

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New Jersey

PokerStars is Key to New Jersey’s Vision of International iGaming Dominance

While many US states are still debating about how and when they’ll enter online gaming, New Jersey’s vision is clear: to become a market leader. And for the Garden State, their definition of market goes beyond just interstate pacts because they also want to share player liquidity with other countries too.

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California Wants Interstate Online Poker On Their Terms

While there are plenty of large states in America that could offer lucrative online poker markets, none are more appealing than California. With a population of over 38 million people and laying claim to the world’s eighth-largest economy, California could have a pretty good iPoker player pool all on their own. Unfortunately, this looks like the proposed plan for many gaming interests in the state.

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