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United States

Congress Discusses Targeting Unlicensed Poker Sites, RAWA dead in 2014

Congress recently passed a $1.1 trillion “Cromnibus” bill that will map out government funding/spending through next September. This year’s edition of the Cromnibus bill narrowly passed both the House and Senate, despite a number of controversial inclusions such as $479 million for F-35 joint strike fighters that Congress didn’t order and a nullification of voter-backed […]

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PokerStars Unhappy with new California Online Poker Bill

California Assemblyman Mike Gatto has drafted an online poker bill called “AB 9” that he believes will finally bring all sides together on the matter. And this has created some definite excitement for US iPoker because California has a population of over 38.3 million people and the world’s sixth-largest economy.

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