Despite Online Poker Struggles, Delaware’s June iGaming Revenue up 7%

The latest numbers released by the Delaware Lottery show that the state’s online gaming revenue experienced a 7.14% increase in June. The state’s iGaming operation took in $187,994 in June, compared to $175,410 in May.

Online casino games saw a massive 124% spike after generating $162,337 in June revenue, compared to $72,537 in May. This is not only encouraging news for Delaware’s iGaming market, but also for US online gaming in general. However, there’s also a huge downside to all of this, and it comes from online poker.

Delaware Online Poker decreased by 55%

The summer blues are definitely upon the Delaware online poker market since the state took in just $25,607 in June. This is a whopping 55.4% decrease from the $57,470 earned through internet poker in May.

A drop this big is alarming and excessive, however, most online poker sites around the world see their revenue drop throughout the summer. The obvious reason why is because warmer weather means more people are outside enjoying recreational activities. Another reason behind the poor month of June is the 2014 WSOP, which no doubt lured some of Delaware’s hardcore poker market to Las Vegas.

Next Summer should be better

It’s pretty clear that Delaware can count on internet casino games to continue bringing in revenue. Poker, on the other hand, is far more of a question mark. But it’s not unreasonable to think that online poker could perform much better next summer.

Sure, the weather will still be warm and the WSOP isn’t going away any time soon. However, Delaware can look forward to interstate poker by this time next year, as they’ll be sharing a player pool with Nevada. This is especially true since the WSOP should cause a spike for the shared players pools each summer. So all in all, the 55% online poker decrease in June doesn’t spell future doom for Delaware online poker.

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